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10 Things You Must Bring On Your Next Buddhist Destination

Traveling, whether it is for pleasure or pilgrimage, can be a frustrating experience but it doesn't need to be. You can help make your trip more enjoyable by being better prepared. Here are 10 must haves that every Buddhist traveler should never leave home without.
  1. Your Itinerary

    Whether your trip will be filled with tourist attractions or pilgrimage treks, you want to have an itinerary to make your days organized. This way you can make all your arrangements ahead of time, and also an itinerary is great to leave back at home in case anyone needs to get in touch with you they will always know where you are.

  2. Your Personal Items

    Let's face it, they're just some items you can't do without: Your toothbrush, clean underwear and of course your wallet and money should always be kept up with you while you travel. 

    There many places in Asia where you may not be able to obtain brands of personal effects that you may be familiar with. It is best to have a little travel bag for your personal toiletries and other items that you don't want to leave in your luggage. In addition, you should put a special place in your carry-on bag or purse for your tickets and passport so you don't have to fumble around for them and you know they're always close at hand.

    Personal things such as the ticket, passport, toothbrush, clean underwear and money nearby preferably for easy accessibility.

  3. Your Clothes

    Deciding what close to bring, can be challenging. One thing you should do is check the weather forecast for the place that you're traveling to. This way you can bring clothes that are appropriate for the weather. You also want to bring clothes suitable for various occasions such as paint the dinners and shoes for walking. When traveling, it's always a good idea to bring clothing that doesn't wrinkle easily and can be washed out in the sink.

  4. Your Shoes

    One of the hardest thing to do in travel planning is deciding which to bring, if you are anything like those who probably have a ton of different pairs of shoes that you like to wear. However, in order to conserve space in the suitcase, you have to narrow down your choices. Bring a good pair of comfortable shoes, especially if you will be doing a lot of sightseeing, and also perhaps address the pair. If your trip will involve activities like hiking and you want to consider the appropriate for wear for that.

  5. Medication

    Of course, you'll need to bring any medications that you are on your trip but you also should bring any over-the-counter medicines they think you might need. if you have allergies and you are traveling to a place that you think might trigger them then bring some allergy medicine. If you will be outdoors a lot in the warm leather, you might consider insect repellent.

  6. Security

    You want to make sure that your luggage is secure by locking it. However, you might want to be sure to bring a spare key in case you lose the one that opens your case.

  7. Tote Bags

    Bring a large tote bag with you on the trip, packed in a suitcase. This bag can double as a tote when you are running around during the day and might be purchasing items. And then you can use it as additional luggage on your trip home to house souvenirs.

  8. Know Where You Are Going

    It's a good idea to map out your trip ahead of time especially if you have several spots you want to hit during vacation. If you going to be traveling around in your own, It's a good idea to get a map of the area so that you don't get lost.

  9. Insurance

    When traveling, a travel insurance policy is essential. It provides insurance coverage in case something goes wrong within the duration of your trip. Having travel insurance will somewhat help to make your less worrysome, knowing that whatever happens, you will be compensated. There is a broad selection of insurance products specifically designed and tailored-fit to the needs of every traveler. For someone who does not really do a lot of traveling but wants to make sure that they, as well as their properties are covered, single trip insurance is the best choice.

    Sometimes, on a trip it's a lot easier to take public transportation but in some places that might not be convenient. If you going to be renting a car you should make sure that you get insurance. Before you leave with your car checked the car were carefully for any damage and make sure the clerk writes it down so that you do not get charged for.

  10. Tags And Labels

    Does your suitcase look just like someone else's? Chances are it does! And that's why it's a good idea to have labels both on the outside and the inside of your luggage. You might want to write only your name though, and not your address to be on the safe side. If your luggage does get lost the airline will have your address and be able to return it to you, you might not want every stranger and airport to know where you live.

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