Lewella Meditation Centre

source: buddhanet.net and Samanera S.


Lewella Meditation Centre
160 Dharmashoka Mawatha, 20000 Kandy, Sri Lanka.
Tel / Fax: 0094-81-2040937 | E-mail: upulnilambe@yahoo.com
Internet: www.buddhanet-de.net/lewella/

Location and How to Get There:

The Meditation Centre is a branch of Nilambe at the outskirts of Kandy. It borders the Udawattakele Natural Forest Reserve. It is in walking distance from the Buddhist Publication Society. The the city center you walk 45 minutes or ride a bus (4.50 Rs) or threewheeler (80 Rs) (both 10 minutes). The main buiding houses a library, a meditation hall, and a yoga practice hall. A little noise from the road can be heard. Male practitioners of all Buddhist meditation traditions are accepted. For women, there is the similar Visakha Meditation Centre in Kandy.

Lodging and Food

Four small bungalows in beautiful surroundings with electricity, water and toilet. The two daily meals (rice and curry) are vegetarian, very good, and of adequate size. If you want to be on the safe side regarding the potable water, bring disinfectant or filter.


English and Singhalese.

Course Schedule and Dates

Very well suited for self-retreats. On demand, teachers offer instructions and support. Mahesha Kodikara’s yoga lessions are highly spoken of. Practicioners can combine meditation, studies, and physical exercises individually. No special dates to be observed. However, high season runs from mid-December to mid-February, so preregistration is recommended.


Meals and lodging are approx. US$ 3 per day.