Sanzen-in is a Tendai-sect temple in which imperial family members served in the priesthood. It is located in Ohara, a rural town in northern Kyoto City, about one hour north of Kyoto Station.

It began as a single structure raised by Saicho (767-822) after he built himself a simple hermitage on Mt. Hiei. 

Yusei-en a garden of moss growing among closely spaced trees spreads out before the Shinden. A small structure called Ojo-gokurakuin stands in one corner of the garden. An Important Cultural Property it is representative of the 10th-12th centuries. 

Sanzen-in's principal object of worship, a golden statue of the Amida Buddha, is displayed in the Ojo-Gokuraku-in, the temple's much photographed wooden building in the moss covered garden. This is a rare work in that the Kannon Bodhisattva on the left of the Amida Nyorai and the Taiseishi Bodhisattva on the right are not cross-legged.

The temple is justly famous for its large garden: an old wooden sub-temple sits in what looks like a still sea of green moss, penetrated by a few tall cedars and carefully-placed rocks and shrubs. Elsewhere on the grounds are ponds stocked with colorful carp, stone statues of Jizo, the protector of children and souls in limbo, and a hillside crammed with rocks, shrubs and trees.

The garden is in its glory in autumn, when large crowds gather to witness the fall colors. During any season however, Sanzen-in Temple is worth a visit, as much for its statuary as its scenery.

A visit to Sanzen-in Temple can easily be combined with a visit to nearby Jakko-in Temple, as well as to more recently-developed hot spring baths.

Off Road

The pleasant road from the Ohara bus stop to Sanzen-in leads along a small river and is lined by numerous souvenir shops. Among the local specialties offered are various pickles, including "Ice Kyuri", Japanese cucumbers mildly pickled in seaweed flavored ice water. 


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By Bus
Kyoto Bus: Ohara stop - walk 10 min.

8:30am - 5:00pm daily (December through February 4:30pm).

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700 yen (For groups of 30 and above; 600 yen; Disabled people - free.

Reservations required for guided tours or for groups (book by fax).